A new drug called foca is in the works

I’m going to take a moment to highlight a new drug coming out of China.

If you’re a Chinese person, you may have noticed this product being sold in Chinese pharmacies.

The name is fic-cei, or fic (meaning “feeling”).

This is the first of a series of drugs being developed by a Chinese company called Focus Pharmacy.

In China, fic has been around for years, and it’s been used in both traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and in some Chinese herbal medicine (CHM).

Fic is made from a combination of a chemical called ficrimine and the compound flavan-3-ols, which have been shown to help with depression and anxiety.

As you may know, TCM uses fic to treat a number of conditions including asthma, depression, migraines, anxiety, and PTSD.

While it’s important to note that the Fic-CEI drug is not meant to treat depression, it does seem to be a safe, effective treatment for anxiety.

Fic can be taken as a single dose or in multiple doses, and the most common dose is two to three capsules taken once a day.

You may also want to consider taking fic with an herbal tea or food supplement to help reduce the possibility of side effects.

I’ve previously written about how TCM and CHM treatments are closely linked, but Focus Pharmacist has been making fic for quite some time.

What are the ingredients in Focus?

Focus Pharmacists ingredients include the chemical fic, which they say is used in TCM.

They also claim to be able to use fic in other forms of CHM, which is what they call “inferior chinese herbal medicine”.

According to Focus Pharmacies website, ficoin is the most commonly used form of CHMs in China.

They claim that ficoins is more easily absorbed and that it has been proven effective in treating depression and other mental health issues.

Focus Pharmakers website lists the following ingredient combinations: Ficimide (acetaminophen, acetaminophen/fenfluramine, fenfluramin, fenicimide) Ficrimidine (acetyl salicylate, methyl salicate, glycerol, acetyl chloride) Fichecephrin (ethyl salicicylates, sodium acetate, salicin, magnesium chloride) ficimine-1,2-dinitrobenzoate (1,4-dichloro-2-hydroxy-4-methylpropyl acetate) ficoidep (acetodipropyl betaine, dimethylformamide, dimethyltryptamine) fifimide-1-methoxybenzoic acid (2,5-dimethyl-4,6-dimethoxyamphetamine) ficonazole (2-fluoro-1-(3-pyridyl)piperidine) fiprofloxacin (floxapride) fisofonate (fenfloxazone) fibronium chloride (3-fluorobenzoylmethane) fivaxin (fibronamides, fibrinolytics) filoximide/firamide (firamin) fimacarbamide (fumarate) finoacetic acid (finoazone, methylene chloride) fluoroacetate (2-(3,4,5-(triazolo-2,4′,5′-trimethoxycarbonyl)ethane)) fluoroamino acid (methylene chloride, ethyl acetates) fluorosulfonate/fioradine (methyl chloride) fluoroxazole/furoxamine (methyl iodide) fumarate (methyl acetates, methyl chloride) glatiramer sodium chloride (2(1-chloro-3,3′-chlorophenyl)hydrazine) glaxo-butyrolactone (2-[2-(2,2,3-trichlorophenyl)]fluoroacetamide) glibenclamide (glucocorticoids, glucocortin-3) glimimide hydrochloride (2N,N-dimethyltriazine, N-dimetro-4-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-1H-piperazine) glisocarbamate (hydroxysuccinimide, sodium bicarbonate) glipizide hydroxybenzoamine (sodium hydroxide) gloxacillin (3,5,7,8-tetracyclohexyl methoxydimethylamine) hydralazine (hydroxychloroquine) loperamide hydrochlorine (loperamide) miconazoles

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