Tide’s new antibacterial laundry detergents won’t be the first, but they’ll be the best

New antibacterial chemicals are expected to arrive in laundry detergers this year, and they’ll all be marketed as more than just antibacterial.

But what you’ll be seeing is a new batch of detergent with more antibacterial properties, and the first of them is Tide.

The company announced the news on Monday, and in doing so, made waves in the industry.

Here’s what you need to know about what it will mean for the future of laundry detergin.1.

The new batch is called Blue.

Tide says Blue laundry detergen is “designed to improve the health of laundry.”

That’s a bold claim.

The detergent is billed as a “green, sustainable, biodegradable laundry product,” which means it’s a chemical designed to improve health.

But it’s not entirely clear how much of that is really green and sustainable, and how much is just a marketing trick.

So, here’s what we know: Blue laundry laundry detergel contains no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.2.

Blue laundry soap is a chemical blend of soap and bleach.

Tide said that Blue laundry will “provide enhanced skin health, enhanced hair growth, and a smooth and healthy hair care regimen.”

It’s not clear how that will translate to actual laundry use.3.

Blue soap is “the cleanest soap available.”

According to the company, Blue laundry is “purely antibacterial.”

But there’s no word on how that means.4.

Blue is a “non-irritating, hypoallergenic soap.”

The company says that “it is gentle enough to use in daily laundry, but is also hypo allergenic and biodegradeable.”

So if you’ve got any laundry left after washing, Blue will likely be your new go-to soap for washing out the mess.5.

Blue detergent has “anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic, antifungal properties.”

That may sound promising, but it’s also a bit vague.

The ingredients in Blue laundry are not listed on the packaging, and it’s unclear how those properties work.

It’s also not clear what kind of “anti” it’s supposed to have.

The only way to know for sure is to use the product and see what happens.6.

The soap comes in two shades.

One shade is a blend of Blue and Red.

The other is a mixture of Green and Yellow.

The product will be sold in four flavors: Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow Blue.

There’s also the “Tide” brand, which has a Blue-y scent and a “tide” color that resembles “green” and “blue.”7.

The Tide brand is more expensive than its Blue laundry brethren.

In the U.S., Tide is priced at $2.29 for a 6-ounce bottle of laundry soap.

The $2 product is only available at Walmart, Target, and Costco, and costs $1.99.8.

Tide is offering two colors for Blue laundry.

One is a mix of Yellow and Red that you can buy for $1 a bottle at Wal-Mart and Target.

The second is a Red-tinted color called “Blue Yellow” that you might see at Target and Wal-Marts.9.

Blue washing detergent comes in three flavors.

Blue comes in a 6 ounce bottle.

Red comes in 6 ounce cans.

Yellow comes in 12 ounce cans, which is a bigger size than Blue.10.

Blue products are not made in China.

In fact, Tide is the first company to ship its laundry detergars from China to the U, where they’re sold in a “direct-to-consumer” (DTC) market.

But that doesn’t mean they’re made by Chinese factories.

Instead, Tide makes the detergent in China using American-made processes, including “traditional washing and rinsing processes.”11.

The two-liter bottle of Blue laundry wash soap costs $2 a bottle.

That means you can expect to pay $2 more per quart of detergency.12.

Tide claims that Blue detergent is made in a facility “that is 100% American.”

The claim is vague.

It may be a marketing gimmick, but the product itself does not have any information about what’s being made there.

The first batch of Blue detergers was made in Japan.13.

Blue will be available in “small and large sizes” starting with 2018.

The size of the small bottle is limited to 12 ounces, and you can only buy the product in “select markets.”14.

You can order Tide detergent at a variety of retailers.

The brand is available at Target, Wal-mart, and Best Buy.

The brands you can order are:Blue, Blue Yellow, Blue Red, Red Blue, Red Yellow, Red Green, Blue

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