Slime With Disinfectant, Zum Dried

Fresh slimes are now available in a new dishwasher-friendly version made from vinegar, a natural disinfectant and natural detergent.

Zum has a new product in the market, which uses a special paste of vinegar and an enzymatic process that removes the vinegar.

The product, dubbed Zum Plus, is a commercial brand of Zum detergent which is available for a lower price than the standard version of the detergent and is also better for the environment, according to the company.

The company says it’s a more environmentally friendly way to treat water sources than traditional dishwashing detergents. 

Slime with Disinfection is made from Zum’s new Zum vinegar. 

A bottle of the slime with detergent is sold for $7.99 on the company’s website. 

“The ZumPlus brand contains the same ingredients and properties as the regular Zum dishwasher product, with the added benefit of eliminating the vinegar smell and odors that occur naturally in many dishwashing products,” the company said in a press release.

“It also provides a more natural disinfecting action and a cleaner, healthier, and healthier environment.” 

According to the release, the slime is a natural antibacterial and antibacterial-free product that is also good for the planet. 

The company said it is currently selling the slime for about $1.50 a pound. 

In addition to zum, the company also sells a detergent called Zum Clean.

The detergent uses natural enzymes that can remove most harmful bacteria. 

While this slime is not the same as the traditional detergent that comes in bottles, the two products do not have the same quality and ingredients. 

According the company, the vinegar and enzymic process is more efficient, making the slime more effective than traditional detergences. 

You can see the slime in action here. 

Slime is a great alternative to dishwashing soap and a great product for your home if you’re looking to use vinegar and detergent to treat the water sources in your home, and don’t want to spend a lot of money on dishwashing.

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