How to get rid of carpet cleaner and tinkle detergent allergies

A new article by The Verge details the most common carpet cleaner allergies and the steps you can take to get them to go away.

The article, titled “You’re More Likely to Get Allergies If You’re in a Room with a Bed of Clay,” describes the most commonly reported carpet cleaner allergy and what you can do about it.

“If you’re not in a room with a bed of clay, you may not even have noticed it at all.

A study published last year in the journal PLOS One found that only 16% of people who reported symptoms of allergic reactions to carpet cleaner in the home actually had symptoms of a tinkle or carpet cleaner-related reaction,” The Verge writes.

“It also found that the average person who experienced a tingle or carpet-cleaner-related allergy was also likely to have experienced symptoms of an allergic reaction.”

If you’re unsure whether you have carpet cleaner or tinkle allergies, The Verge suggests following the following tips: Keep a hand-washing container on hand and always wear a mask.

If you have a tester or a non-flammable, non-toxic mask, it can help to apply it before going to bed.

If a tinker is present, remove the tester from your bedroom before going into the shower.

If possible, avoid going into a room that is dark.

It’s best to keep the tinkle and carpet cleaner separate and to avoid any physical contact with them.

The Verge goes on to explain that the carpet cleaner that causes the most reactions may be the most effective.

It goes on, “It is important to note that most of the time carpet cleaner is safe to use in children’s bedrooms.

For the most part, though, people who have tinkle reactions are unlikely to have a problem with carpet cleaner, so it’s best not to be tempted to throw it out if you’re worried about getting an allergic response.”

If a bed is being used for a bedtime ritual or something similar, keep the mattress or the bedside table away from the carpet.

And, if you do have carpet cleaners in your home, keep them out of the bedroom.

To prevent carpet cleaner from becoming a problem, you can read The Verge’s complete article here.

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